I am back!

So I took a hiatus from writing for a little bit to get down to what I really love to do, and you know what that turned out to be…..photos!

While I’ve been gone I have been shooting up a storm with shots such as this:


As you can see this guy is just as happy about me blogging again as I am.  But unlike me, he did not learn any lessons.  Below are the lessons I have learned since I have been gone:

  1. It is ok to focus on yourself:  It is so easy to get wrapped up in doing everything for everyone else and neglecting your own personal needs.  So what I decided to do is when I want to do something, I do it!  It is so empowering and now that I have started I can never go back.LRM_EXPORT_20171130_233153.jpg
  2. Have fun: Yes we all want to be successful and make money, but if you let that be the only focus, you won’t truly be successful.  My older brother Alex loves working out, and he told me once he works out when he is bored.  That is his fun, and when he feels it he does it.  He doesn’t let a standard limit him.  As I started breaking the status quo, the more fun I had.  Take for example this shot of one of my best friends!LRM_EXPORT_20171130_233226.jpg
  3. Pay attention to your surroundings: After my first 6 months shooting, I started to feel like I needed to find these phenomenal places to go take photos.  In truth, I can take some of the best photos in a hotel room with whatever lens I see fit.  What this means to me is look up, walk strong, and look around.  It’s a change in focus from me to what is around me.  It has allowed me to be able to take some awesome shots and have some fun.LRM_EXPORT_20171130_233111.jpg
  4. You do not know everything, so go find the information or ask someone:  So I think I have a high IQ…but some days I could probably seek out more advice.  Now that does not mean I am going to do that every time, but it does mean I will try.  Also, it does not mean that I have to take someone’s advice either.  It just means reach out and try to learn.  Even the strongest people need someone to lean on sometimes!LRM_EXPORT_20171130_233307.jpg
  5. Love yours: (Don’t know if J.Cole has that copyrighted or not but kind thought his song writing this)  Basically at the end of the day, you are responsible for your happiness.  If you are unhappy you have to figure out what will make you happy.  No one else can change your mood for you.LRM_EXPORT_20171129_235321.jpg

Overall, one theme reigns supreme and it is life is about you.  If others improve your life let them but at the end of your life, you’ll reflect on all you did.  Not what all others have done.  As I write this, I hope that someone who might be wondering what their path is takes the initiative to do something.  If you do, definitely write a comment below, I would love to share your story and be an advocate for you to continue.  Call it someone who can help keep you accountable for your happiness and likewise you can do the same for me.

We are in this world together, let’s live like it!

– Demetri


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