2018: LIVE

First off Happy New Year people!


It’s 2018 and for everyone the new year means something different, like the below:

  • Time to leave 2017 behind
    • Erasing last year
  • My resolutions for 2018 are ____
    • Forward thinking for this year

But for me I look at it differently because I do not think of a resolution.  I boil it down to one word that I think should determine how my year will go.  When it comes to my decisions through out the year I think about whether it matches that word.  If it does, I do it, if not I don’t. This year is no different.

This year my word is LIVE!


Model: @itsgetright photographer: @photosbydemy

So what does that mean to me in 2018, it means to make the most out of my experience.  To not let life pass me by but to go out and grab life by the….lens to say the least.  Like the shot above, all though I froze my hands to get this during a snow mobile trip, I had to snap this shot of my brother.

Live also means that everything I thought of trying to just go out and do it.  I am living my life creating experiences.  For example, I always wanted to try to do stand up and make people laugh…I can be funny sometimes.  So what I decided to do is to create an Instagram page @JokesbyDemy to test out some jokes and then bring them to the stage.  While I know everyone might not like to do so much all within the same year, for me I have so many things I am passionate about.

Case in point did you know I do the following:

  • Try to find a place to take photos in each city I travel
  • Rap over verses…some turn out really well
  • Tell jokes/stories to my peers
  • Work on apps and ideas
  • Read and listen to audio books


The world tries to get you to focus on one thing at a time, but sorry world I wasn’t built that way!  I am passionate about way too many things to sit back and just do one.  So I am going to do it all, and while not all of them will turn out great, I did something in 2018.



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