So today, I posted my first live stream on Instagram and it lead me to this post. It lead me to something I have carried on my heart for a long time.  It starts with this photo.


So why this photo out of all of the ones that I have taken?  Why is this probably the most important photo that I have ever taken?

The answer is it is the most honest.

About 2 years ago, I stared down at a pool in Texas, wondering if I was to be found in this pool dead, would anyone even care.  That night I decided I would not to find the answer, but this photo embodies that moment for me.  I took this a couple months back as a reminder of where I have been, the darkest side of myself.  When I believed that hope was just a thought.

Shortly after that, I joined Amway and I learned the power of the mind.  How it can change your perception.  How you can overcome any self-doubt with positive belief.  Now let me pause here this is not supporting Amway in anyway, just explaining what it taught me.

It caused me to start Idyllic Designs with my business partner.  It’s truly a thing that I think could have been great.


Here is one of the cases actually.  The idea was to help artist get exposure and provide another platform for them to express themselves.  If we made money they were going to make money that was the plan.  We wanted them to get almost the equivalence of royalty checks basically.  It never came into existence the way that I would of liked but I learned a lot from the experience just like Amway.

Which brings me to now…


…the guy with the camera!

These experiences boiled down to 1 thing, I want to do something great.  Something that can change the world for the better.  From being someone with suicidal thoughts, to posting a positive photo every day on Instagram.

While I still am haunted by my ghost of depression’s past every so often, I’ve learned to pick myself up.  I’ve learned that no one else will pick up your pieces.  So if I am going to do something great, I will have to hang myself out there.  I would have to share my story of how someone with a great job, doing all the right things could truly be unhappy with himself.  I would have to tell the world, I could have not been here, but I am.

The reason why this is called Evolution, is it is the evolution of a suicidal kid, and how 2 years later I fight back for my happiness and my life.  To be someone who just wants to affect those around him positively.

So to end this on a high note I want to provide my Instagram’s greatest hits and my most positive quotes!

“Life is about each moment. A chance to seize an opportunity, to create something amazing, to be amazing!”

“Life is as beautiful as you make it! Remember you’re the driver for your life!”

“Keep your eyes open, and your mind wide because you never know when something amazing will come your way!”

“Life is not perfect for me but I decide to get a little better every day 🙏🏾”

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